Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lee Min Ho ..BBF Special Edition!

news!..gud news to all Boys Before Flowers fans out there..
taken from K-Popped..credit to them esp to SpicySALSA ;)

After coming back to Korea from his promotional trip to Japan, he's been to fan meetings, ads shooting and Pepsi Nex Coke Launching Party..

Check these out : He's sooo cute, cool and hot!!.. :D

Lee Min Ho - Pepsi Nex Launching Party yesterday

April 18, interview with KBS Entertainment Weekly

I hope the following news I read from somewhere is true - this is what I've been waiting for since March 31!!

-BOF Special Edition on April 28th 2009-

The Boys Over Flowers story is set to continue on April 28th with a special edition.
The story continues with the F4 five years later.

Goo Jun Pyo's fro isn't as curly and there's no sign of leading lady Geum Jandi.

While Kim Hyun Joong is there as Ji Hoo sunbae, his scenes are from the drama when he had longer hair.

It is set to be a music drama, an extended music video?

Netizens are grateful for the cast putting together something like this during their busy schedules.

The video appeared on a Naver blog user Planet905, which looks like Kim Joon/T-Max's representative company.

It will be nice to see what the Shinhwa School alumni have been up to five years down the road.

(video credit: cinderella1511)

The following is LMH's schedule. Gosh! he seems so busy..

BBF premiered in Japan on April 12

BOF team's schedule in Japan
*Apr. 15(Wed) 16:53-17:50pm TBS Sakasusang Live show
17:55-18:15pm (TBS Sakasu plaza, free mini event; planned )

*Apr. 16(Thu) JCB Hall BOF official promo event
Lunch time open 13:30 Performance 14:20-
Night open 18:00 Performance 19:00-

*On Apr.19, will have fan sign meeting at Ulsan, Levi Signature.

* After Japan BOF promo LMH will fly to Sydney, Australia to shoot magazine photos from Apr. 23, 4 days and 3 nights.

*At the end of Apr. plan to shoot in Singapore and in London.(changeable)

*End of May or early June, BOF promo, will visit Taiwan and China(changeable)

Australian, Singapore, London, Taiwan, and Chinese fans, you guys can see LMH :D
Source : mirca @ LMH soompi thread

..hwargghh! really hope LMH or BBF casts will come to Malaysia!!
pleaseeeee! come and visit me MinHo =) haha..i mean for your fans here, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.. otherwise i have to go to Spore huhu..wawa dear are u gonna join me and get crazy again hehe (..but before tat renew ur passport first..) :P

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