Thursday, April 30, 2009

F4 Special - Boys Before Flowers

F4 Special Edition Music Drama (Episodes 1 & 2)

Malaysians who are following Boys over Flowers on KBS World (like me!) would have just watched episode 22 (28/4). Even before we've completed watching the drama, the F4 Special Edition Music Drama a.k.a. After Story has been released.

The music drama will come in four parts (episodes), one for each of the Flower 4 boys. After Story is supposed to show us what happens 5 years after the drama left off.

The highlight of the music drama is that it contains a total of nine songs and some of them are sung by the actors themselves, like Kim Hyun-joong’s Thing Called Happiness (행복이란), Kim Bum’s I’m Going to Meet You Now (지금 만나러 갑니다), and Kim Joon’s Emptying (비워내기). Okay, looks like Lee Min-ho won't be singing.

Episode 1: So Yi Jung's story and Episode 2: featuring Kim Joon. -credit to K-Popped

...update bout my revolution..phase 1 success...thanks to my buddy, nizam ;)
last nite hang out at Damansara..
wan pun join gak..thanks wan siap belanje kitorang..rezeki ko gak nizam hehe...
baru tau dah lama dok setaman baru smlm dpt lepak same ker ar bz sgt la tu muahaha...
nway phase 2 comin soon, insyaAllah...chaiyo!

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