Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boys Before Flowers

Boys Before Blowers finale ep. tonite!....arrrggh!!!..
yup the drama will end tonite Episode 25 - 31 March 09 (korea time..and for those who watch it online) ..i'm so excited but at the same time feel so sad coz dunno what my life would be after it ended! hwuargh!..gonna miss them so much...
currently my monday and tuesday night is fulled about BBF...and fyi, at the moment KBS World astro chl 303 is airing episode 14 (31/3) ...or u guys can watch it tru online at this website.. full story about BBF episode, ost and gallery => BoysOverFlowers ..huhu now I just need to wait for the DVD set to be available in Malaysia..yeah! i'll be waiting for you BBF muahaha...yup i'm crazy bout them..crazy about F4 - Taiwan, Japan & Korea! ;)

BBF Synopsis

The series revolves around a feisty girl-next-door, Geum Jan-di (Koo Hye Sun). She receives a scholarship to enter a prestigious high school, Shinhwa High, after rescuing one of the students from a suicide attempt while on a laundry delivery. Once there, she sees that a group of rich and handsome boys called "F4" (short for "Flower 4") are the most popular of the students, and the whole school seems to worship them. However, the F4 bullies everyone around, and whoever does not do as they wish will receive a "red card" and are punished by the F4. Jan-di, at first, hates all of them and stands up for her fellow classmates and takes the ridicule in. Eventually, she begins to have feelings for one of them, Ji-hoo (Kim Hyun Joong), but she also discovers that the leader of the group, Jun-pyo (Lee Min Ho), is falling for her as well...

..the end..

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