Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Are U Generation Y?

interesting info from Malay Mail...

Profile Of The Average Generation Y Person

1) They spend around RM300-RM500 a month on entertainment and leisure
2) Their love for shopping has earned them the label of "dream consumer"
3) On a good day, they hang out at designer coffee outlets and indulge in good food, which easily comes to RM15 per meal
4) On days they claim to be bad, they would never cease to amaze the older generation by magically producing enough money for yet another eat-out meal
5) Many own the newest handphones, equipped with the latest technology. It does not matter that they may not be technologically savvy enough to utilise all the functions, what's important is that they own something that is on par with what their peers have
6) They do not know the difference between a credit card and a debit card
7) Two thirds know the price of an Apple iPod but three quarters have no idea what a carton of milk costs
8) One in eight thinks that "in the red" means being embarrassed
9) They have hundreds of illegally down-loaded songs
10) One in 20 spends more that RM200 a month on mobile phone bills
11) A number of them have more than one mobile phone
12) Many do not read the newspapers, or watch the news on TV
13) They are heavily dependent on "helicopter parents" who hover protectively over their offspring
14) They like to shop and are used to getting what they want at a high street catering to almost every income level

...are u??? hmmm....i think, i am haha...
but nope for no. 10, more to below RM100 coz i'm single and jarang 'bergayut' hehe..
huh reading that..so scary, but true :P


lankapo said...

wah i rasa i ni dari gen 2 kut haha..

ni bagi yg byk duit dan takder menda nak buat dgn duit bleh lah hehe

nida said...

sebenarnye lebih kepada tak cukup duit...
tp entahla, sedap je dok 'swap' card, hujung bulan nganga haha..