Monday, August 17, 2009

MTV World Stage - Thanks Estranged :)

since Thursday aku dapat msg and call from Estranged (for Street Teamers only) won 2 passes..need to collect the tickets on d event day, August 15th 2009 Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach..from 3pm-5pm..and have to register to the MTV counter..
Yahoo! I'm so excited..tak sangka dpt d exclusive passes from Estranged coz its limited, decide gi with my sista aka my beloved cousin Beid.. :D

Saturday 15 August 2009

Yup!..First in MTV history..Malaysia will host the first originally produced MTV World Stage concert featuring Brit indie rock band Kasabian, pop-rock champs The All-American Rejects, Boys Like Girls, Hoobastank, songstress Pixie Lott, new band on the block Raygun and also local award-winning band, Estranged!!
Yeah!..luv Estranged muahs hehe :D

Around 4.30pm dah ada kat sunway...lepak kat JCo...dalam kul 5.30 baru masuk sbb Estranged perform kul sad sbb my cousin nyer DSLR camera tak lepas bole dikatakan ketat gak aritu..hanya yg pandai menyeludup jer dpt bwk camera terpaksa ar simpan dlm locker..sib baik camera kecik bole bwk masuk huhu..and this concert tayang secara live at astro chl 713 mlm tu (klau tak silap ar)..means seluruh dunia saksikan concert ni (of coz for those yg ada chl MTV lor..) ..mmg best and enjoy tul..band2 tu nampak jer cam lagu2 dorg bole tahan jiwang gak..mmg layan ar mlm tu hehe.. :D

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